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CoPlot - Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sales Questions?

See CoPlot - Description.

For technical questions, see the technical support page.

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Questions About Using CoPlot

See the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the CoPlot manual.

What has changed since the last release? See the list of changes.

What can I do about the dialog boxes obscuring the drawing? We recommend that you don't make the main window full screen. Leave it where it is and the size it is when it is first shown. Then, the dialog boxes will appear to the right of the main window and not obscure the drawing.

How do I set up a drawing for A4 paper? There are several attributes on CoPlot's Drawing : Coordinates dialog box which let you set up a drawing for A4 paper and for changing the units to cm (notably, Common Sizes : A4). But the easiest thing to do is right-click on metric.draw and save that file in your cohort directory or the directory where you keep your .draw files. This is a drawing file in which all of the changes have already been made to Drawing : Coordinates so that you can work in cm on A4 paper. Whenever you want to start a new drawing on A4 paper, load this drawing and use File : Save As to give the file a new name.

More Questions and Answers will be added here in the future.


Problems, Comments, Questions, or Suggestions?

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