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Technical Support for CoPlot and CoStat

Help in the Programs

  • See the lessons listed on the Help menu in CoPlot and CoStat.
  • Use your browser to view the online manuals for the programs: costat.htm and coplot.htm in the directory where you installed the CoHort files. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the manuals can be particularly helpful.


Known Problems

  • Is the program frozen? The program will appear to be frozen if you hide a Print or File dialog box with the main window. The solution is to move the main window to uncover and then close the Print or File dialog box.

    A CoHort program will sometimes also appear frozen for a few seconds (more, in extreme cases) when you are running a lot of programs on a computer with a modest amount of memory, especially when you have been using some other program and return to the CoHort program. In this situation, your computer's disk light will be on. The CoHort program will become unfrozen when the disk light goes off.



You can read the complete list of changes that have been made to the various versions of CoPlot and CoStat.



Contact CoHort Software

Limited technical support is free. We want your experience with CoHort Software to be a good one.

We welcome emails about:

  • Parts of the programs that you didn't like.
  • Parts of the programs that didn't work or didn't work as you expected.
  • Problems in the manuals - sections which are not clear, are incomplete, or have factual errors.

When reporting problems:

  1. Crash or Freeze? - If the program crashed or froze, please immediately get the error.log file (from the cohort directory) and add it to the email that you send to us.
  2. Help : About - Please use 'Help : About : Put message on clipboard' in the CoHort program and then paste that information into the email that you send to us. This tells us what operating system you are using, what version of Java you have, etc.
  3. How To Reproduce The Problem - Please tell us what the problem is, including how we can reproduce it.
  4. Sample .draw and .dt Files - If you think it would be helpful, please send us a sample .draw file and/or .dt file which illustrates the problem.

All comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Please send an email to CoHortSoftware at gmail.com.


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